A Centenary Celebration - Memories of People, Locomotives and Trains. London and North Eastern Railway. 

A souvenir of the 2023 centenary display, focusing on;

  • Leisure
  • Named trains
  • Engineering
  • Routes

The LNER had a short but illustrious life. It was born on the 01st of January 1923 out of amalgamation and passed awy with nationalization on the 1st of January 1948. War was a major factor in both of these events. During the 25 years of its existance, however, the LNER secured lasting success and was responsible for many 'Firsts' in railway travel, especially for leisure and pleasure, including Camping Coaches (1933), the 'Northern Belle' land cruises (1933), the Scout train cruises (1935) and the publication of lavish holiday gudies and handbooks, including one with the title 'Notes for American Visitors'.