Wednesday 26th May 2021 saw a long Covid delayed visit of Kenny and Gerry Durking from Glasgow. Their grandfather, Daniel Durkinn, was a stationmaster at Falstone (and elsewhere) and he moved from the village in 1934. As a mark of recognition of his services at Falstone the villagers presented Mr Durkin with a clock which Kenny and Gerry have now kindly donated to the Heritage Centre.

 Chairman Steve Gibbon with bothers Gerry and Kenny Durkin and their Grandfather's clock

The clock came with a newspaper cutting which transcribes as:

"Falstone. A Large gathering of his friends and well wishers assembled in the village hall. Falstone., to make a presentation to Mr. D. Durkin (late stationmaster) as a mark of recognition of the various services he rendered to the vllage during his stay there. Mr. F. Rutherford presided, and explainded the worthiness of the object. He called upon Mr. J. E.Toll who, in handing over a Westminster chimes clock and a wallet of notes, enumerated the many ways in which Mr. Durkin had worked for the good of the community as stationmaster, trustee of the village hall, and chairman of the Parish Council. Mr. Durkin suitably responded. The singing of 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow', 'Auld Lang Syne'  and 'God Save the King' accompanied by Mr. Cummings, terminated the pleasant function. The committee in charge of the presentation consisted of Messrs F.Rutherford, I.Dagg, J.Hymers, J.Cummmings and J.E.Toll."

The clock will be suitaby displayed in the Heritage Centre in a future exhibition. Many thanks to the Durkin family for their generosity.

Pictured left to right re Steve Gibbon Heritage Centre Chairman with brothers Gerry and Kenny Durkin with Gerry holding the clock. May 26th 2021 in the Heritage Centre.