Heritage Hunt

Designed for informal groups making a short visit with an adult leading.

Heritage Hunt

Let’s explore

A self-guided trail for older children around key themes and displays with leading questions and short activities at each. We recommend children use this trail in pairs or threes. It’s also suitable for younger children with an adult reader.

Let's Explore

Activity sheets

These have been produced in collaboration with, and tested by, local teachers. As it’s not possible to provide ‘a one-size for all’ range you’ll need to adapt or differentiate according to your curriculum goals and children’s abilities. 

Ticket to Ride

Hard as Iron

Farming Out

Loans boxes collections

We can create a bespoke loans box, using objects from our reserve collection. Please give us at least a month’s notice to arrange this.


A presentation produced for children to introduce them to the history and geography of the area, the village of Bellingham and the Heritage Centre. Teachers’ notes with suggestions for short and simple preparatory and follow-up activities as a separate PDF.

Intro2Bellingham Slide Show

Intro2Bellingham Notes

Filmmakers Work With Bellingham Middle School

Enjoy this film produced by children from Bellingham Middle School, who worked closely with filmmakers Marc McKiernan and Vicky Jones from Haltwhistle Film Project. Children planned, and shot the film, and the editing group also learnt how to use some special effects during post-production. A tremendous effort! So creative; really something to be proud of.

A tremendous effort! So creative; really something to be proud of.

Congratulations to all involved.

John Grundy