These extend the Heritage Centre’s learning themes into the local area.

Heritage Centre and Hareshaw Linn

This is a 3½-mile return walk up picturesque Hareshaw Burn to a linn (waterfall) at the end of a deep gorge. You’ll pass through the site of the ill-fated, short-lived Hareshaw Foundry, walking on and through ‘mounds of industrial archaeology’. The link below is for Northumberland National Park's walk leaflet:

Hareshaw Linn Walk

Alternatively, you can book a guided walk for your class, led by the Heritage Centre's Learning Team, to find out about the former ironworks and how industry changed the landscape of the Hareshaw Burn.

Heritage Centre and Bellingham Village Trail

Compare our village to the area where your children live? Explore Bellingham using this free village trail leaflet produced by local children to tell others about where they live. Or use the adult trail to explore it for yourself, on sale at the Heritage Centre.

Free Village Trail leaflet

You can also book a guided walk around Bellingham for your class, led by the Heritage Centre's Learning Team.

Heritage Centre and Bastles

After your visit take one of the short or long walks on the nearby Tarset Bastle Trail and see why this area was such a ‘murderous medieval realm’ in the time of the Reivers.

Tarset Bastle Trail Leaflet

Heritage Centre and Kielder Castle Forest Park Centre

Extend your study of land use by visiting the Forestry Commission’s visitor centre in the middle of a purpose-built village for forestry workers, surrounded by northern Europe’s largest man-made woodland.

You’ll also pass the breathtaking Kielder Reservoir, built to supply water to homes and industries of the NE.

Kielder Castle Visitor Centre