A Centenary Celebration - Memories of People, Locomotives and Trains. London and North Eastern Railway. 

A souvenir of the 2023 centenary display, focusing on;

  • Leisure
  • Named trains
  • Engineering
  • Routes

The story of a unique institution by Ian Roberts - in 2022 we reissued an updated version of this popular book. Available at The Heritage Centre Bellingham. 

Brown Rigg was a school for boys and girls near the village of Bellingham in the North Tyne Valley. Beginning as a boarding-school for Tyneside's wartime evacuees from 1940-45. Brown Rigg evolved into a most unusual Country boarding-school with and educational policy way ahead of its time. From then until it's closure in 1985. Brown Rigg provided a rich, varied and incredibly popular school experience for the children who passed through its doors.


Bridget Kennedy has just started her one-month ENTWINED residency at Bellingham Heritage Centre. Bridget is interested in the shaping and history of land through geology, weather and human endeavour and how these relationships are reflected in the tools and technologies used in rural locations. She creates work which is site or circumstance specific, often making objects which combine craft-based, hand making methods with more traditional Fine Art techniques. Previous work has involved making small portable looms, weaving with them outdoors and incorporating materials found at a particular site into the weaving. We look forward to seeing how Bridget will respond to the Heritage Centre’s vast collections and extensive knowledge of its volunteer staff to inform and inspire her work.

Save the date: Bridget Kennedy will be showing works in progress at an open studio event on Saturday 17th July at Bellingham Heritage Centre.

We are always looking for new volunteers and Committee Members / Trustees to help run our museum and ensure it thrives and flourishes. Can you help? If you are interested there is more information on our volunteer page or trustee page and you can contact us here. Thank you.

Our 2021 seasonal display celebrates the 130th anniversary of the birth of Roderick James Thompson (1890-1982). This is the cover of the new book on this well known Bellingham figure.

Bellingham Faces & Places 1910 ~ 1925 Book Cover