The interruption to normal opening has caused us to reschedule our seasonal exhibitions planned for the next few years. Here is our new schedule:


On Saturday 17th July we have the ENTWINDED event with artist in residence Bridget Kennedy. See more here.

Our annual classic and vinatage vehicle rally take place on Sunday 27th June 2021 between 10am and 4pm. See more information here.

Red means the major exhibition of the season.

SEASONAL EXHIBITIONS 2021 (currently showing)

  1. 150th anniversary of the Postcard (1st October 1870)
  2. 130th anniversary of birth of Roderick (Roddy) Thompson (28th September 1890)
  3. New book on Roderick (Roddy) Thompson, photographer* Of course, there will always be room for local exhibitions that may be arranged from time to time *


  1. 160th anniversary of Plashetts Colliery (20th May 1861)
  2. 40th anniversary of Kielder Reservoir (26th May 1982)
  3. 160th anniversary of opening of North British Railway Hexham to Riccarton Junction (1st July 1862)


  1. 100th anniversary of the London and North Eastern Railway (1st January 1923)
  2. 100th anniversary of Wooley Sanatorium (11th September 1923) to include Barrasford (11th May 1907) and Stannington (5th October 1907)


  1. 40th anniversary of the Blankenburgs photographic collection (11th December 1984)
  2. The changing face of Bellingham, Kielder Forest and the Valley of the North TyneWe hope to see you at all of these events!