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Bellingahm Parish Council, Jubilee Year, May 1935

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Jack Maughan, carter, with two horses, at Fallow Green

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We have created a Wikipedia (online encyclopaedia) to capture stories and anecdotes from the past covering many topics including detailed census research we are undertaking..

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Postcard print of watercolour of Hesleyside, by John Charlton. Message on reverse dated 28.3.1999 from John Charlton to Ken Gaskin re Heritage Centre

If you would like to order a print of one of the images you have seen on this database please use the Source Image Reference number and fill in the form on the desks if you are at the Centre. If you are elsewhere please contact us with this reference number and we will take it from there. There is a charge for printing, and also for postage and packing if appropriate. All images are printed at their original captured resolution and without watermarks. If the original image resolution is poor we may advice not printing. Thank you.

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