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Popular Radio and Film of the Time

The Most Popular Radio Show of the Second World War


It's That Man Again - poster with Tommy Handley

Tommy Handley (1892 - 1949)

The Most Iconic Film for the Home Front

Went The Day Well - Film Poster

"Went the Day Well"

“Went the Day Well?” was released in 1942 and is a brilliant example of a wartime propaganda film, warning British citizens to remain ever alert for the arrival of the enemy. Based on a story by Graham Greene, it portrays a quiet English village which has been infiltrated by fifth columnists, who are in league with an advance party of German soldiers masquerading as British troops. The villagers uncover the plot and fight back. The Germans get their piece of England but it is no more than a grave in the local churchyard.

This Ealing Studios film has one of the first appearances of (Dame) Thora Hird (1911-2003) who would make over 100 films in a career that spanned 80 years.

Three of the Most Popular Releases

Poster for the film "Band Waggon"Arthur and his friend, Stinker Murdoch, are contacted by a member of the BBC to inform them that they will soon be given an audition. On hearing this, the two decide to install themselves in a disused studio on the roof of Broadcasting House. There they announce that they will transmit a pirate broadcast at 8 o’clock that evening. Will it be a success?
Released in 1940

We'll Meet Again - Film PosterHumble chorus line dancer Peggy Brown (Vera Lynn) has no ambitions to be a singer but, after entertaining a nervous theatre crowd with a sing along during an air raid, Peggy is discovered by the BBC when her composer friend submits a song. Peggy gets her own radio show and is the toast of the BBC. She proves lucky in her career - but in love …
Released in 1943

Millions Like Us - Film PosterCelia Crowson (Patricia Roc) is an ordinary young woman determined to do her bit for the war effort. She leaves home, takes a job in a factory and lives in a hostel with other volunteers, all different yet all united in their determination to win the war. The film follows the girls as they work together and discover friendship, true love - and death.
Released in 1943