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The 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War

The Heritage Centre would very much like to thank Stan Owen, Trustee and Historian, for his unstinting efforts in researching and compiling this Exhibition.


Following our 25th anniversary celebrations during 2019, we were determined that 2020 was going to be an equally memorable year for the Heritage Centre. And so it has proved – but for all the wrong reasons. Enforced lockdown, closure and no visitors, so far, at least. This year will go down as one that changed the world. The new book and seasonal exhibition on Roddy Thompson have been postponed for a year with minor adjustments to the subsequent seasonal exhibitions.

Particularly saddening has been the curtailment of the VE Day celebrations, which are particularly important this year because they mark the 75th anniversary since the ending of the Second World War, a year that also went down as one that changed the world. Restrictions have affected the commemoration of this momentous event, from public celebrations on a national scale to local events in towns and villages like Hexham and Bellingham – and even to what was to have been our more modest but equally sincere seasonal exhibition in the Heritage Centre.

Not all has been lost, however, since we have been able to create a new, enlarged permanent World War Two display, which will incorporate a permanent tribute to the eight Bellingham men who fell in the service of their country. The display will also incorporate various aspects of life on the Home Front and put more emphasis on the children evacuated from Tyneside to Bellingham, both to the village itself and to the newly opened Brownrigg Camp School. The finishing touches will be put to this display as soon as the present circumstances permit. As usual, we appeal for contributions from Friends and supporters.

We were very keen, however, that the Heritage Centre should not seem to have passed over this important occasion in apparent silence and the following pages give a taste of what will be on permanent display as soon as possible.

We hope that it will not be too long before “We’ll Meet Again” in the Heritage Centre.