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This September, a brand new visual arts trail will light up Northumberland to celebrate the arrival of the Lindisfarne Gospels in the North East inspired by the Gospels’ themes of light, sheep and pilgrimage. A full flock of 30 life-sized illuminated sheep, created by artist Deepa Mann-Kler*, will appear at a handful of key Northumberland locations. 

From Berwick to Hexham and Haltwhistle to Blyth, the flock will separate creating a number of FREE art trails across the county. Looked after and customised by community champions, businesses and organisations, Illuminated Sheep will encourage locals and visitors to find their inner shepherd, exploring the county’s rich landscape, heritage and culture to #FindTheFlock.  

The Heritage Centre Bellingham will have hosting responsibilities for one of the flock of illuminated sheep until 30th November. Pop along to the Heritage Centre to see our sheep. Even if we are not open our sheep will be in the window and we have activities which can be undertaken out of hours. There is also a heritage trail to a second sheep at the Town Hall. We have:

  1. A name the sheep competition which has been running in the build up to hosting the sheep.
  2. A children's trail between the Heritage Centre and the Town Hall with leaflets for the trail available in the Heritage Centre and weather proof boxes at both locations.
  3. A pop up exhibition about sheep in the Heritage Centre.
  4. 'Did you know' facts about sheep which you can also find via QR Codes. (see our full list of SHEEP FACTS)
  5. Courtesy of the Tyne Valley Community Railway Partnership (TVCRP) we also have, on Sundays, a cyclo knitter where you can come and pedal the machine which knits you a scarf in 5 minutes or so.
  6. Sheep themed cup-cakes.
  7. Samples of fleece of different breeds of sheep.
  8. A Sheep breeds' beauty parade.
  9. Sheep themed gifts (perhaps for Christmas) in our shop.

Of course, there are also lots of other activities in the Heritage Centre for children of all ages and the opportunity to visit Tea on the Train and the Hareshaw Linn.

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*  Internationally renowned and multi-disciplinary artist Deepa Mann-Kler has put her unique stamp on the flock of model sheep. Deepa explores concepts of belonging and identity by creating artwork that is deeply rooted in the communities surrounding her. She has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in China, America, Germany and Ireland, and has featured prominently in Lumiere Festivals. 

For more information visit her websites at and


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